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P-E5-M4RF10 | Ethernet Swtich Panel Interface Connector

Panel Interface Connector with Ethernet Switch; Panel Mount Housing; UL Type 12; GFCI Duplex Inside-Outlet; 10 Amp Circuit Breaker

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  • Product Specifications
    • Product Description
      • Panel Interface Connector that typically mounts to the outside of a control panel housing. These programming ports eliminate the need to open the panel door and improve safety and compliance to NFPA 70e. We offer 15,000+ combinations of components and outlets.
    • Component Details
      • Component Code E5
      • Component Quantity 1
      • Component Description Ethernet Switch (5 Ports)
      • Component Type Unmanaged
      • Gender Front RJ45 Female (Qty 1)
      • Gender Back RJ45 Female (Qty 4)
    • Electrical Specifications
      • Power Type Domestic GFCI Inside-Outside Rear Outlet
      • Power VAC 125
      • Power AMPs 20
      • Circuit Breaker 10A
      • SCCR Rating 0.2kA
    • Mechanical Specifications
      • Enclosure Rating IP65
      • Housing Size M Size Housing
      • UL Type Type 12
      • Latch Type 304 Stainless Steel
      • Cover Polycarbonate, UV rated
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Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Datasheet
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