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P-P22#8Q102#2r2#4-S1RX | Panel Interface Connector

Panel Interface Connector with USB Type A/F to USB Type A/F [Qty: 8]; DVI Female to Female Feed Thru Bulkhead Adaptor [Qty: 2]; Category 5e RJ45 [Qty: 4]; SPECIAL SIZE (NEMA 1 ONLY - ATTACH DESCRIPTION); UL Type 1; No outlet/power option

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  • Product Specifications
    • Product Description
      • Panel Interface Connector that typically mounts to the outside of a control panel housing. These programming ports eliminate the need to open the panel door and improve safety and compliance to NFPA 70e. We offer 15,000+ combinations of components and outlets.
    • Component Details
      • Component Code P22
      • Component Quantity 8
      • Component Description USB Type A-A F/F
      • Component Type Bulkhead
      • Gender Front USB A-Female
      • Gender Back USB A-Female
      • Component Code Q102
      • Component Quantity 2
      • Component Description DVI F/F (DVI-I, D, A)
      • Component Type Bulkhead
      • Gender Front Female
      • Gender Back Female
      • Component Code R2
      • Component Quantity 4
      • Component Description Category 5e RJ45
      • Component Type Bulkhead
      • Gender Front RJ45 Female
      • Gender Back RJ45 Female

Approvals / Certifications

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    • Certificate name
    • UL

      Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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    • Outlets UL Recognized for 15A
    • E207344
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