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P-R62#2-M9RA0 | Ethernet Panel Interface Connector

MagView™ UL Listed Panel Interface Connector with Category 6 Ethernet Bulkhead [Qty 2]; Magnetic Seal Panel Interface Connector; Australian Style Plug (10 Amp); No Circuit Breaker

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  • Product Specifications
    • Product Description
      • The P-R62#2-M9RA0 Ethernet Panel Interface Connector from Grace Technologies is a UL-listed panel interface connector featuring two Category 6 RJ45 Ethernet bulkhead ports and an Australian-style 10 Amp plug. Designed to enhance safety and compliance with NFPA 70e by eliminating the need to open the control panel door, this connector is ideal for international use with a power rating of 250 VAC. It is housed in a durable IP66, IP69, IP69K magnetic enclosure, ensuring robust protection in harsh environments.
    • Component Details
      • Component Code R62
      • Component Quantity 2
      • Component Description Category 6 RJ45
      • Component Type Bulkhead
      • Gender Front RJ45-F
      • Gender Back RJ45-F
    • Electrical Specifications
      • Power Type International Australia, New Zealand and People's Republic of China Outlet
      • Power VAC 250
      • Power AMPS 10
      • Circuit Breaker No Circuit Breaker
    • Mechanical Specifications
      • Enclosure Rating IP66, IP69, IP69K
      • Size M Size Magnetic Housing
      • Environmental Rating UL Type 1, 2, 3, 3X, 3R, 3RX, 4, 4X, 5, 12, 12K, 13

Approvals / Certifications

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    • Approval
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    • Certificate name
    • UL

      Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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    • Outlets UL Recognized for 15A
    • E488493
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    • RoHS

      Restriction of Hazardous Substances

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    • GP0214-0224-A-RH
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    • CE

      European Conformity

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    • GP0135-0224-A-CE
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